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Since the establishment of the company in 1952, it has been our business mission and philosophy to introduce unique and specialized products and technology from all over the world to our homeland Japan.

More than half centuries in business with various countries brought us valuable relationships and partnerships in European Continents, North & South American Continents, African Continents and Asian Continents. Because of such relationships, we are also exporting various products to our partners abroad from Japan for their requirements as well.

While we provide the best products and services to our clients in our specialized business areas, we are always looking for something new business opportunities and specialty to benefit Japanese customers as well as foreign partners. We always welcome such interesting offers anytime from around the globe.
What's New
April 15 , 2019 Homepage renewal!!
March 01 , 2017 New Hi-perfomance Interference Pearl Pigment "Lumina Royal Magenta 9480H and Royal Dragon Gold 9S282D" from BASF.
May 23 , 2016 Hukka
November 25 , 2014 t
June 13 , 2013 price incrase
August 06 , 2012 New Hi-perfomance Interference Pearl Pigment "Lumina Royal Indigo 9580H and Royal Aqua 9780H" from BASF.
July 13 , 2011 "Firemist Velvet Pearl 9P130I" from BASF is a new effect pigment that can crete a variety of unique, high-value finishes. With the soft and sparkling appearance of fresh snow, Firemist Velvet Pearl can be combined with transparent absorption pigments to formulate all sorts of intriguing effects, from gently sparkling matt finishes that have never been achievable before to realistically patinated silver or copper.
May 09 , 2011 N
July 22 , 2010 COPD
February 26 , 2010 New Interference Pearl Pigment "Lumina Royal Blue 9680H" from BASF.
November 17 , 2009 n
October 13 , 2009 We conducted the Air Permeability test of the air mortar included new items "PASSTOL".

Test design: Cement, Water, Fine aggregates, Cement admixtures, "PASSTOL"

Density design: around 0.5

The mortar specimen: No.1-3

No.1 1.242ce/sec(Air Permeability)
No.2 1.261cm/sec
No.3 1.214cm/sec
June 01 , 2009 "Firemist Colormotion seires" of BASF have special appearance of color travel.
August 04 , 2008 Our exotic leather business has been introduced on an article of Business & Technology Newspaper (daily).
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